Growing up, I had a passion for all things personalized. With a very popular name in the 80's, it was easy to find stuff with my name on it.  But I did have many friends who weren't as lucky.  Many years later, while working in the baby / kids industry as a sales rep, a great business opportunity came up and I jumped on it.  I was instantly reconnected with my childhood and the world of personalization.

Many people often ask where the name “A-Z creations” came from. The answer is actually quite simple – when you hear A-Z, what comes to mind ?  Obviously the letters of the alphabet - and when you think of personalized gifts, what comes to mind ?  Obviously initials, monograms or names on items.  So essentially, we use all the letters from A-Z to personalize our carefully selected products with either initials, a monogram or name.

And just to make things a bit more fun, I have two children – one whose name begins with an “A” and the other whose name begins with a “Z”.  They like to think I named the company after them - and truth be told, I did !

The rest is history …

Thank you so much for stopping by !  I hope you enjoy your gifts as much as we enjoy making them for you.